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Artist: The Features
Label: Bug Music
Released: 7/26/2011
Country: U.S.
Type: LP
Format: CD, Vinyl 12", MP4
Producer: Brian Carter

On Tuesday, July 26, 2011, The Features released their third full-length album, Wilderness, on Serpents and Snakes Records, an imprint of Bug Music.

The album was re-released nationally on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 and was sold through independent record stores across the country. The album was also made available digitally on iTunes. The digital version added two bonus tracks, This Much I Know and Son of Sorrow.

The songs were recorded at Paradox Productions in Nashville, TN.

The origin or meaning of the album's title is not known. However, it has been rumored that the band recorded a song called "Wilderness" that would have been the title track.[1] However, there are no known recordings or performances of this song.

Track Listing

1.Content (2:33)
2.Kids (2:36)
3.Another One (2:48)
4.Big Mama Gonna Whip Us Good (3:20)
5.How It Starts (3:21)
6.Rambo (3:13)
7.Offer Up (2:23)
8.Golden Comb (3:34)
9.Fats Domino (4:33)
10.Love Is... (3:37)
11.Chapter III (4:06)
12.This Much I Know (3:38)   (iTunes only)
13.Son of Sorrow (3:34)   (iTunes only)


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  1. Features Message Board: North East Tour 2011