The Features (EP)

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The Features
Artist: The Features
Label: Spongebath Records
Released: 1997
Country: U.S.
Type: EP
Format: CD
Producer: Jim Faraci

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This article is about the self-titled EP from The Features. For information about their later self-titled album, see The Features (album). For information about the band itself, see this whole wiki.

The Features released their first record, a self-titled EP, on Spongebath Records in 1997.

Track Listing

1.Armani Suede (3:26)
2.Attention (2:56)
3.Button My Shirt (3:02)
4.That's Me (3:34)
5.Waffle House Menu (0:29)
6.Roger's Theme (4:04)
7.Hey, Lou (3:47)

Note that "Hey, Lou" is not listed on the CD's packaging.


The Features