The Beginning (EP)

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The Beginning
Artist: The Features
Released: 6/1/2001
Country: U.S.
Type: EP
Format: CD
Producer: Brian Carter, Brian Bottcher, Matt Pelham

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This article is about the EP called The Beginning. For information about the song with a similar name, see "The Beginning (Week One)".

In 2001, The Features self-published an EP called The Beginning. It was later released in the U.K. by Fierce Panda Records and given a nation-wide release in the U.S. by Universal Records.

The tracks were recorded in December, 2000, and January, 2001, with the intention to quickly put together a disc that could be sold at the band's shows.[1]

The first known show at which the EP was sold was at The Pilot Light on June 1, 2001.

Track Listing

1.Stark White Stork Approaching (1:29)
2.Walk You Home (3:00)
3.Bumble Bee (3:39)
4.The Beginning (Week One) (2:45)
5.Two by Two (4:22)

The Cover

The cover art for this EP was a photo taken and enhanced by Brian Bottcher. The people in the photo are back row (left to right):

front row (left to right):


The Features


See Also


  1. Nashville Scene: Defining Features (7/26/2001)